Our Team

1. There are over 280+ employees in our group.Whole factory is developed under the help of 280+ workers together like a family.


Our company has a R & D engineer team with 15 domestic engineers and 5 foreign designers to overcome the OEM design requirement for our customers, and innovate new technology and apply on our machines. EAST company takes the advantages of technological innovation, takes the needs of external customers as the starting point, accelerates the upgrading of existing technologies, pays attention to the development and application of new materials and new processes, and meets the changing product needs of customers.

2. An wonderful sales department of 2 teams with 10+ sales managers to ensure prompt reply and intimate service, make offers, give customer on time solution.

Enterprise Spirit


Team Spirit

The development of the enterprise, the research and development of products, the management of employees, and the terminal of the service network all require an efficient, tense, and harmonious team. Each member is required to truly find his own position. Through an efficient team and complementary resources, in helping While enhancing the value of customers, realize the value of the enterprise itself.


Innovative Spirit

As a technology-based R&D and manufacturing enterprise, continuous innovation is the driving force for sustainable development, which is reflected in various aspects such as R&D, application, service, management and culture. The innovation ability and practice of each employee are aggregated to realize the innovation of the enterprise. Continuous breakthroughs bring continuous development. Enterprises continue to advocate self-transcendence, persistent pursuit, and constantly challenge the peak of technology to build the competitiveness of sustainable development of enterprises.